Commercial Industrial Hemp Processing

Hemp Processor Applications

The following must be listed on the application, be fingerprinted and have criminal background checks completed:

  • Each officer, proprietor, or partner of the entity
  • Each owner of more than a 10% interest in the processing operations
  • Employees 

 Must have the following:

  • Street address, or a legal description, as well as the GPS coordinates of any premises that will serve as a part of the applicant’s processing operations
  • A brief description of the industrial hemp processing methods that will be used, activities that will be undertaken, and finished products planned for production
  • A policies and procedures manual as specified in K.A.R. 22-26-5, for approval by the State Fire Marshal
  • A code footprint (see details below)

Commercial Industrial Hemp Processor Application (Submit Online)

Commercial Industrial Hemp Processor Application (PDF)

  1. Commercial Industrial Hemp Processing

    Physical Address
    800 SW Jackson, Ste. 104
    Topeka, KS 66612

    Mailing Address
    800 SW Jackson, Ste. 104
    Topeka, KS 66612

    Fax: (785) 296-0151

Consent to Search for Employees

Submit Consent to Search for each employee listed on application

New Employees for Existing Processors

When a new employee is hired, fill out New Employee Form with employee's signature, and submit to our office

Hemp Chain of Custody Tracking Form

This Hemp Chain of Custody form is to be retained as a record by each party.

Waiver and FBI Privacy Form

Completed form is required to accompany all fingerprint cards sent to our office per KBI instructions

License Renewal

  • Submit application with “renewal” box checked.
  • Code footprint for all buildings (ONLY if you had have any changes to your buildings since your initial registration)Policy and procedures manual (ONLY if you have made any changes since your initial registration)
  • Fingerprint cards for each officer, proprietor, or partner of the entity, and all employees.  (These can be done at your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.  We will need 2 cards for each person.)
  • Waiver and FBI Privacy Form with ID Verification.
  • All owners with more than 10 percent interest in the business need to be listed on the application.
  • All employee(s) need to be listed on the application.
  • Signed Consent to Search form for each employee.  
  • Annual inspection by our office
  • Payment 

 These items are due to our office no later than June 1st  each year .

Code Footprint Requirements

Submittal Requirements

Copies of code footprints shall be made available to local fire and building departments upon request.

A Code Footprint is:

  • A document which shows a structure owner's compliance with state law to protect occupants from the dangers of fire and explosion
  • An architect's or engineer's written and graphic description of the intended life safety features in a public building

State law establishes minimum life safety and has uniform force and effect throughout Kansas. Kansas Statutes Annotated 31-133 and 2003 Supplemental 31-134 require that all occupied structures conform to the basic life safety requirements:

  • Existing occupied buildings cannot have hazardous conditions which slow speedy exits
  • Alterations of existing buildings cannot make existing conditions worse or block exits
  • New construction and changes in use are subject to greater life safety requirements

The code footprint regulation, K.A.R. 22-1-7, defines minimum features of a code footprint for an objective evaluation by uniform application of state law using minimum resources. It also makes the code footprint available to assist local fire and building officials view new construction and changes in use. The regulation also provides a building owner with life safety choices to best suit their circumstances at the outset of construction or renovation. It is a simple record of the designer's life safety features, and it is a fixed code target for the life of their building.

Simplified Review Efforts

The regulation also simplifies review efforts by the OSFM because reduces enforcement intervention after new construction and assists field inspectors with verifying completion of life safety features promised on paper, keeps building owners on the same life safety document throughout the life of the building, and allows the inspector to see an overview of the entire life safety of a building at the beginning of an inspection.

New Buildings, Additions, & Remodels

If your processing plant is planning to build a new building or a remodel of your existing building please take special note. The OSFM will require written notice from your licensed architect or engineer 30 days prior to the date on which 50 or 100 percent of the construction will be completed.

Further, the code footprint shows compliance with state law by verifying the architect or engineer's seal, their signature and date, the location of building and owner information as a single source contact. The codes of record for a specific building, fire alarm requirements, automatic fire sprinkler requirements, and occupancy types which determine exit requirements and maximum occupant codes should also be verified.

C.2.2 & C.2.2.A Request for Review

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**This list was updated September 2023