Group Day Care Home

A childcare facility in which care is provided for a maximum of 12 children under 16 years of age and includes children under 11 years of age related to the provider. This could require two providers depending on the total number and ages of children in care. 

The license is usually issued for the provider's own home but may be issued at a location other than the provider's home such as a commercial setting. The license identifies the address of the childcare facility.

Group Day Care Home: 

  • These are typically one- or two-family dwellings and must meet Day Care Home fire code requirements.
  • A metal building (e.g., Morton) used for childcare on the same property as the owner/operator’s home will be allowed to meet Day Care Home fire code requirements if childcare is the ONLY purpose for which the building is being used.
  • A commercial building (e.g., church, school, retail store) used for childcare must meet Child Care Center fire code requirements.

 For KDHE Licensing:

  • The licensee must be 18 years of age, a high school graduate or the equivalent, have an understanding of children, complete certified first aid and CPR as well as childcare-related training in health and safety topics.
  • A KBI criminal history and child abuse and neglect background check are processed on all persons living, working, or volunteering in the licensed daycare facility.
  • State Licensing Fee $87. Local fees may also apply.
  • The licensed group daycare home is inspected to check compliance with regulations to protect the health, safety, and well-being of the children in care at least once every 12 months.  OSFM will inspect once in the lifetime of the license unless there is a change.  

View the Chart for Group Day Care Home's Total Number of Children by Age (PDF)

KDHE Chart for Group Day Care Homes - Number of Children by Age


OSFM Requirements

Required forms and steps to successfully complete the process with OSFM vary by facility type. It’s very important that individuals interested in applying for a childcare facility license from KDHE contact OSFM prior to applying. OSFM will assist by directing the applicant and/or involving the Local Fire Inspector. If you have questions or need forms, please contact OSFM by email at or by phone at 785.296.3401.

Licensed Day Care Home (LDCH)   

  • The facility is a residential setting/family dwelling, not a commercial building. 
  • Fire and Life Safety Agreement (FLSA) must completed by the applicant/childcare provider (page 1) AND by the Local Fire Authority/ State Fire Marshal Inspector (page 2).  Both pages must be posted in the childcare facility. 
  • Annually, the FLSA shall be completed by the provider OR local fire authority. Both pages must be posted in the childcare facility. 

Fire and Life Safety Agreement (PDF)

  1. Prevention Division

    Physical Address
    800 SW Jackson Street
    Suite 104
    Topeka, KS 66612

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