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Renewal Application Form

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  2. I will install or have available a drop box at every location that is inspected by KSFM staff. This drop box is where the inspection report will be left upon completion of the inspection. All other correspondence will be mailed to the Class 1 mailing address.
    (If using the drop box method for delivery, please be sure you are checking the drop box on a regular basis as facilities are only granted 10 business days (from date of inspection) to provide a plan of correction response. This timeframe will not be extended for any reason.)
  3. I understand that by selecting one of the above methods of communication that it is my responsibility as the business owner/operator to ensure that the chosen method is monitored. The failure to monitor the chosen method may result in non-compliance with the Kansas Propane Safety and Licensing Act and the provisions set forth in the Kansas Fire Prevention Code.
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