2018 Kansas Rescue Conference

Keynote Presentation


Generational differences in experience require a shift in training methodology. Today’s workforce candidates are not bringing many of the life skills previous generations had with them. In order to produce a well-rounded firefighter that can make decisions and adapt to changing situations and environments, training must be structured and methods must be used that create experiences. Training for adaptability explores how we learn and how to put lessons in context that can build experiences that will transfer to decision making on the scene.

Rhodes Bio Pic (2)David Rhodes is a 33-year fire service veteran currently serving with a large urban fire department in Georgia.  He is a Chief Elder for the Georgia Smoke Diver Program, a member of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) Executive Advisory Board, a Hands-on-Training Coordinator for the FDIC conference, an Editorial Advisor and author for Fire Engineering, Fire Rescue and Fire Apparatus and Equipment Magazine and Creator of the Hump Day SOS Blog of Fire Engineering.com. He also serves as an adjunct instructor for the Georgia Fire Academy and Advisory Board Member for Underwriters Laboratory Firefighter Safety Research Institute. He serves as an Incident Commander for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency - All Hazards Incident Management Team and is a Task Force Leader for the Georgia Search and Rescue Team. Mr. Rhodes is also President of Rhodes Consultants, Inc. which provides public safety training, consulting and promotional assessment centers.