Facility Inspection Information

Conducting Inspections

Conducting inspections is a critical component of the Prevention Division’s operations. On-site inspections are the first step in moving a facility towards compliance. Conversely, failure to properly identify and report life safety hazards during an inspection means increased risk for the facility occupants and an increased liability potential to the State Fire Marshal, and the State of Kansas.

On-site inspections are not an easy job. Inspection staff must consider all of the following and apply them in context to a Woman Conducting an Inspectionspecific set of building and operating conditions and identify serious life safety hazards:

  • Adopted standards
  • Agency or Division policies and procedures
  • Applicable checklists
  • Applicable statutes
  • Rules and regulations


To assist in conducting inspections, numerous checklists have been developed to help prioritize the inspection process. We encourage all facilities to become familiar with the inspection checklists and fire and life safety requirements for your occupancy type and to implement your own self-inspection program.

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