Will there be a 3rd party Inspector License?

The current Elevator Safety Act does not require a 3rd party inspection. Currently a mechanic could also hold an inspector license. Our office started accepting contractor, mechanic and inspector license applications Jan. 1, 2023 and have begun the approval process. Between now and July 1, 2023, we are allowing facilities and companies to continue their work and inspections as usual, using this time period to get everyone up to speed on the new law and how it will work. Facilities can register their units at no charge on our website, if they have no annual inspection scheduled until after July 1, 2023. When an inspection is completed, the inspector will collect the $100 certification fee and forward the inspection report and fee to our office using Compliance Engine. Our office will then approve the inspection report, and the certificate of operation will be emailed to the facility or facility contact.

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1. Why are contractors, mechanics, and inspectors now being required to become Licensed?
2. Does the office of the state fire marshal have adopted Rules and Regulations for the Elevator Safety Act?
3. When do I need to apply?
4. Who must apply?
5. What database is being used?
6. How much will the License Cost?
7. Will the OSFM have elevator Inspectors?
8. Will there be a 3rd party Inspector License?
9. If I own an elevator must I register it with OSFM?
10. Will your office list licensed contractors, mechanics, and inspectors that have been certified?
11. Will Compliance Engine be offering training for Inspectors?
12. What code will be used?
13. What if the City or County has an Elevator program, what is the procedure?
14. How do I receive my operating certificate for my elevator?