Resources for Teachers

The Importance of Teaching Fire Safety

Firefighter Talking to a Classroom of KidsYou do the required fire drills, but do you dedicate time in your class to teach students the critical lessons of fire safety? Making fire safety a priority lesson could save lives of your students and their families.

On this page, you will find resources you can use to make a big impact on the students in your class and impress on them the importance of knowing how to prevent fires, and what to do in case of a fire.

Important Fire Safety Messages

Make an Escape Plan

It is important to have a plan when there are children in the home. Children sometimes need help getting out of the house, and they may not know how to escape or what to do unless an adult shows them. You can do the following to help:

  • Have a plan for young children who cannot get outside by themselves. You will need to wake babies and very young children and help them get out. In your plan, talk about who will help each child get out safely.
  • Know two ways out of every room. It is important to find two ways out of every room in the house, in case one exit is blocked or dangerous to use.
  • Choose a meeting place outside the home. Children should know what to do when they hear a smoke alarm and there is no adult around. Help them practice going to the outside meeting place. Teach them to never go back inside a building that is on fire.

Keep Children Safe from Fire & Burns

Some children are curious about fire. There are simple steps you can take to keep you and the people you love safer from fire and burns:

  • Keep children 3 feet away from anything that can get hot. Space heaters and stove-tops can cause terrible burns. Keep children at least 3 feet away from stoves, heaters or anything that gets hot.
  • Keep smoking materials locked up in a high place. Never leave cigarette lighters or matches where children can reach them.
  • Never play with lighters or matches when you are with your children. Children may try to do the same things they see you do.