Distributor Permit

Access a distributor permit application (PDF).

Distributor Defined

Distributor means any person engaged in the distribution of fireworks of any kind in the state of Kansas including:

  • Selling, delivering or transporting, consigning or giving, importing, or exporting otherwise furnishing consumer fireworks to any person for the purpose of resale to a retailer or any other distributor or reseller within the state of Kansas
  • Selling, intending to sell, offering for sale or possessing with intent to sell, or consigning display fireworks or articles pyrotechnic to any person, distributor, municipality, or any other organization within the state of Kansas
  • Providing a holder of a display operator's permit operator with or importing any display fireworks or articles pyrotechnic of any kind within the state of Kansas for profit

When a Permit is Not Required

A permit is not required for the following:

  • Anyone who possesses a valid Kansas manufacturing permit
  • Anyone who transports fireworks from one state to another state through the state of Kansas and such fireworks ultimate destination is not within the state of Kansas
  • Anyone who sells consumer fireworks during a fireworks season as a seasonal retailer
  • Freight delivery companies or common carriers as defined in U.S. department of transportation 48 C.F.R. 171.8
  • An out-of-state person who sells, transports, delivers or gives fireworks to a holder of a Kansas manufacturer's or distributor's permit

Permit Classes

There are four different classes of distributor permits:

  • Distributor of articles pyrotechnic
  • Distributor of consumer fireworks
  • Distributor of display fireworks
  • Unlimited distributor

The applicant can change the permit type at any time by notifying the Office of the State Fire Marshal.


  • The permit is valid for a period of one year.
  • Each applicant must provide a list of the name of each individual, owner, partner, and other responsible person in the applicant’s business.
  • The original permit must be posted on the distribution site at all times while engaging in distribution operations. A copy of the permit will not be accepted as valid proof if questioned by authorities.
  • Each permit holder must comply with National Fire Protection Association standard numbers 1124 and 1126 and with all local, state and federal regulations, statutes and laws.