Manufacturer Permit

The manufacturer permit shall indicate one or more of the following classes:

  • Manufacturer of articles pyrotechnic
  • Manufacturer of consumer fireworks
  • Manufacturer of display fireworks
  • Unlimited manufacturer

You will not be required to re-apply if you should desire to change classes. You will however need to inform the Office of the State Fire Marshal so we can note the change to your permit. Download the manufacturer permit (PDF).


  • The permit is valid for a period of one year.
  • Provide a list of the name of each individual, owner, partner, and other responsible person in the applicant’s business
  • The original permit must be posted on the manufacturing site at all times while engaging in manufacturing operations. A copy of the permit will not be accepted as valid proof if questioned by authorities.
  • A holder of a manufacturer permit is not required to have a distributor permit in order to manufacture and sell any fireworks.
  • Each permit holder must comply with national fire protection standard number 1124 and all local, state, and federal regulations, statutes, and laws.

Additional Requirement: Storage Permit

Pursuant to 31-504, the owner of any display fireworks storage facility shall obtain a storage site permit from the state fire marshal for permanent or temporary storage. Storage permits are not required for day boxes used at a display site.

This permit is valid for a period of four years or upon expiration of the parent permit.